pittenweem (pittenweem) wrote in rcfans,


My copy of Antidote finally came today. I had heard some of the songs live, but they sound very different on the CD. IT is a fantastic album and I have already listened to it several times while doing things around the house. I think "Lullaby" is one of the most beautiful songs they have recorded, and that is saying a lot in my opinion. I love the references to pop culture (the Kool Aid Man and the Star Wards movies) as well as the historical and literary references (the mention of the Magna Carta in "How the West Was Won" is my favorite --I'm a medievalist...). The harmonies on "Chemical" and "Ohio in a Bucket" are absolutely lovely. And I think "Lindsay Song" is great, but it is partly due to the fact that I don't get to see my name in man songs!

I'd be very interested to hear what everyone else thinks of the record...
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